Bookkeeping Service

Hansen House Company's accounting and bookkeeping services are available to support your internal accounting processes. Often these services are integrated with our income tax, financial statement, and payroll reporting services. Our goal is to partner with you providing you with consistent and accurate financial information allowing you to run your business most effectively.

Certified Public Accountants in Duluth Minnesota

We tailor our services to clients' needs. Whether you need someone to review the data or someone to do it all, we want to help. Our bookkeeping services include data entry, payroll, reconciliations, and helping you manage your accounts receivable and accounts payable.

We also offer assistance with closing your books each month or quarter. If you have staff involved, we are available to document your accounting procedures and train your employees on the day-to-day and monthly accounting processes.

Our goal at Hansen House Company is to alleviate the stress and confusion that often accompany managing and understanding your financial information. We are committed to providing clarity and guidance in all your financial matters. Whether it's personal finances or business accounting, we are here to help you navigate the complexities with ease and confidence.

We have the experience and passion you're looking for to make informed business decisions.

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