Financial Statements

Including reviews, compilations, and preparations

At Hansen House, we focus on building close client relationships that add long-term value. We can help you prepare your financial statements and can issue you a review or compilation report. We also can provide insight to improve efficiency and accuracy regarding your accounting procedures. More than simply assisting with the financial statement process, we help you understand the numbers, giving you information to make the necessary decisions to run your business.

Our assurance services will improve information quality or its context--meaning more success for you and your business

Certified Public Accountants in Duluth Minnesota


Independently reviewed financial statements provide limited assurance about whether the financial statements are fairly stated. Reviews include asking questions about your financial information and performing analytical procedures on your data. They may be required by your lenders, creditors, or customers.


Compilations are less in scope than reviews and our report does not include assurance on the accuracy of the financial information. A compilation includes summarizing your information in the form of financial statements. Compilations are often requested for internal use, although they are also used to provide to lenders and others.


Preparations generally include using your accounting software to generate a financial statement, often after we assist you with bookkeeping services. These statements do not include a report from us, but they do indicate that there are no footnotes and, like compilations, do not provide any assurance on the accuracy of the overall financial statements.

Certified Public Accountants in Duluth Minnesota

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